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External links related to Tim van den Hamer, aka ShockFire
World Wind WW Central Page commemorating ShockFire on the World Wind Central wiki
WW statistics Code created by ShockFire for the World Wind project
NASA acknowledgements Credits of the programmers of World Wind
ShockFire's Blog Tim's own blog, mainly about World Wind in 2006
GeoPedia Project idea submitted by friends to Buckminster Fuller Challenge in 2008
OvenSVN Plug-in development for World Wind
Tim on the web ShockDev.com Web site registered by Tim on 16-Mar-2007 for joint software projects. Unfinished.
LinkedIn Social network for professional contacts
DeviantArt Computer graphics made by Tim using software like Bryce and Terragen (2001-2003)
Climate Prediction Providing computer time to large distributed calculation projects (2001-2004)
Blogs Radio 105 Hubert Bessems (NL), Internet disk jockey & friend of Tim
Bull's Rambles Daniel Baker (UK) from the World Wind community
The Earth is Square Chad Zimmerman (USA) from the World Wind community
Mooihuilen Saar Oostveen (NL), a student who was in Tim's class a few years ago
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